Big shout of approval to Jax tyres artarmon.
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    Default Big shout of approval to Jax tyres artarmon.

    Had a very pleasant experience getting tyres yesterday. Scott at Jax artarmon had organised a set of conti pc2 tyres at a very good price and also told me there was no issue with doing centreless wheels! They have kept the hub adapter you need for wheels like 15" cyclones. And no extra charge to fit them. Excellent!

    Also, upon arrival his first response was, gee that's a good 306 followed by chat about how good they are. Turns out he used to work for Peugeot.

    Highly recommended.


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    He knows how to lift Cits too. I have been there a few times, and it was always a good experience. It's up a very steep ramp. If you should park at the top level, over the workshop, be very careful of the unseen low wall you have to do a sharp turn around.

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