HELP! Brake Lights Not Working!
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    HELP! Brake Lights Not Working!

    My rear brake lights only work at the moment if you give the pedal a good brisk tap. By normally easing the pedal down the lights won't come on. I have no idea how long it has been doing this, as it wasn't until mum pointed it out tonight. No wonder I've had people going close to my arse!


    What can I do? On another note, the rear brakes seem to make sqeltching noises and the brake booster is covered in brake fluid, despite it having a new master cylinder.
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    The stoplight switch on your model, as far as I know, is one of those that functions as the pedal is depressed. It's the loss of the pedal up against the switch that makes it work, not pedal pressure as on earlier systems.

    If you look under the dash you'll see it up against the top of the pedal arm... take it off and give it a bit of a cleanup for a start...

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    renault 16's as far as i know are the same switch

    fluid everywhere ??????

    look and fix ASAP

    one it sounds dangerous
    two if you get brake fluid anywhere on paint it will eat it and you can't re-paint it
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    Yeah, check out the brake light switch above your pedal before you do anything else. Sounds like it's dirty or something.

    Where is the brake fluid on the booster, underneath the master cylinder or around the top aswell? I'm just guessing that maybe some fluid could have come out from the top of the master cylinder somehow, if the fluid is everywhere. Maybe?

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