Peugeot 307 IAT sensor
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    Default Peugeot 307 IAT sensor

    Hey guys I had the dreaded Antipollution Faulty on my Peugeot 307 1.6v 2007 petrol. I took a reader and said this:

    P0113 Permanent Fault
    Intake air temperature signal short circuit to earth

    Then the Antipollution Faulty message disappeared after the next start of the car.

    I just want to know how to address this? Do I need to change the IAT sensor? Is it an easy job? And where is it located? Cheers guys.


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    The air temp sensor is built in to the manifold pressure sensor which is on the front of the inlet manifold towards the timing side and has a breather pipe next to sensor it is held on by an 8mm bolt very easy to get to also check the wiring near to the connector Iíve seen them broken before

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