205gti air intake
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    205gti air intake

    are there gains to be had by modifying the air intake system. is a after market filter worth while or is there more to be done than this? will this make much difference, or are the gains miniscule? what to do and what to pay?

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    gains more of response and noise rather than outright power. Any old filter will do, but you need the joining bit with connections for the two breathers. I used an K&N 57i kit, but there will be much cheaper ways of achieving the same result if you can be bothered making the effort of getting a bit made somewhere.nly really with a cam does the filter sound fantastic.
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    When I had my much modified 205GTI on the dyno 13 years ago, I took the pipe off between the airflow meter and the air cleaner, negating all the other pipework. With the bonnet open, it gained one lousy Hp at the wheels difference through the upper part of the rev range over the complete standard induction system with a K&N filter. At speed I am sure the slight ram air effect of the standard arrangement would have put it ahead. The AFM is where the losses lie.
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    you can by a green cotton bolt on induction kit for the 205....comes with every thing you need to fit it...
    cant remeber the price on them sorry but pritty resonable....
    ebc brakes import green cotton filters.
    regards paul.

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