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Thread: Clunk in front left somewhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beano View Post
    Good luck with that. Sometimes you can tell exactly where noises are coming from, sometimes they travel around and appear to be coming from other places. A very experienced Pug mechanic told me this on at least two occasions when I was tracking down noises.
    He had a couple of amazing stories of experiences to illustrate this but I can't remember them.

    You'd think that the pry bar would reveal movement....that's what they use in garages. And I have been told by a couple of garages using this method that certain bushes were worn out when they were worn but still serviceable.

    Good idea though to have your wife drive, but whilst you contort around upside down in the back seat with legs flailing I hope nobody thinks you are being kidnapped.
    Perhaps my point was not clear enough. The person listening for the noise needs to be outside the car, that is why I said:

    Quote Originally Posted by schlitzaugen View Post


    Or stop the car right next to an assistant with good ears.


    How would you stop next to someone who was inside the car?


    Another way to locate sounds is to drive with your windows down past a wall or something that will reflect sound very well back at you. That'll at least tell you if it's on the right, left or both sides. A bit more difficult if the noise only happens at stop/start but not whilst rolling.

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    I was able to get my wife to just drive and stop next to me in small movements and it sounds like and I can feel holding the top of the strut tower to be the strut bearing. I’ve ordered some and will change them and let you all know.

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    I vote swaybar links. I changed one side first but clunk remained. Changed the other and it's sweet. I had thought it was shockers or something in there. Swaybar links bolt to the shocks so noise gets transferred through the whole assembly.
    This was knowledge from the boys at Coles in Lismore who know their shit. I find their advice invaluable at times.

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    I had a similar problem on my 406. I nailed it down by disconnecting the sway bar links and then driving round the block which made the noise disappear. New sway links were easy to fit and not ridiculously expensive.

    Down the track, the engine anti torque bush on the drivers side started causing somewhat similar symptoms and I also replaced that. Until I removed the bush, it looked okay.

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