I seem to now have 3 Peugeotís!

207 2007 1.6 HDI manual. Nice little car, zippy enough. Pedals are too close together for comfort. Black. Faded paint on roof and bonnet.


308 2006 2.0 HDI manual. My fave. A rocket. Enormous brakes. Awesome torque.

And new today is a demo 208 Active 1.2 3cyl petrol auto MY15 with 3000km on the clock. Paid less than $14,000 from one of the ex Peugeot dealers in Perth, where we now have only one. Still got two years manufacturers warranty, they are trying to clear their old stock.

A nice burnt orange colour, Iím looking forward to it. Unfortunately no diesels in the new 208 range.

Then thereís the 1988 Landcruiser 12HT for fun outings, and the Ford Focus ST 2.0 turbo that also inhabits my driveway but Iím not allowed to drive!

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