205gti those brakes make me shudder
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    205gti those brakes make me shudder

    when i have changed direction from forwards to backwarse or v.v. as i apply the braks they shudder something shocking. this does not happen if after reversing i do not brake, just role to a stop and then drive off but if i brake during revering it happens and then it happens againg if i brak while going slow forwards (10km/h or less). i think the pads are ok, although i have heard that the problem could be the pins in the callipers. is this so? and if so what should i do and what might it cost?

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    yes it most likly is in the pins but we are only guessing some times it is the springs on the pads to...
    best to take it to some one who knows the problem and can see it happen...
    then you are not stuffing around wasting time stressing about it any more
    if you want to drop around i am happy to tell you what it is, i am in box hill. and yes i am a work shop but no i am not offering to do the job..
    if it is slide pins they are only genuine so not that cheap..
    regards paul.

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