205gti gearbox (a little stiff)
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    205gti gearbox (a little stiff)

    when changing b/n 1st and 2nd it is often very stiff especially in the morning and when the car has been resting for a few hous, i hav only had it for a few months and it has always been like this , so don't go blaiming me. it is also hard to get into reverse, you have to go into 1st first and even then it sometimes still grinds, i have resorted to turning the car off before i do any backward motoring. any clues? linkage, syncros gears of drive it till it busts properly a get a fresh one.

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    replace your gear oil!!!
    it sounds like you have the wrong stuff in it or it is old and is not doing its job any more..
    it needs to be 75/80 from memory elf and esso make it...
    regards paul.

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    i've heard castrol syntrax is meant to be fantastic, on peugeot gearboxes specifically and expecially for problems in the morning.
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