208 wont go after faulty jump start
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    Default 208 wont go after faulty jump start

    hi . we have a 208 Alure . It was given a reverse current jump start

    We have had a scanner put on it
    the scanner cannot read the engine ecu but can read the other systems
    the dealer thinks it needs a new ecu but is not sure , also thinks the fuse box is damaged somehow.
    we have had the ecu checked internally by a electronics expert and they think it is ok
    Also the fuse box appears ok and none of the fuses are blown.

    has anyone had a similar experience after a faulty jump start .
    is there a hidden fuse that we may be missing


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    Oops...you're not the 1st and wont be the last. I have noticed the BSI which is the fuse box behind the glove box on most of the Cit & Pugs have been damaged by the reverse current.
    I have repaired the older 2002 -2004 versions and at the moment investigating a 2008 model Pug to see if same repairs can be made.
    PM me your vehicle details as I may be able to repair and save having to buy a replacement and have a dealer reprogram the cars ECUs again.

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    have a chat to dimistyle.

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