Unable to program/learn key with PP2000
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    Default Unable to program/learn key with PP2000 [SOLVED]

    I'm trying to program a key for my MY2005 206SW 1.6 (NFU/TU5JP4) using PP2000 and got stuck.

    I've done the following:
    1. Checked for faults, no faults found in either ECU or BSI.
    2. Choose "Test By Ecu"
    3. Choose "Built-in systems interface"
    4. Choose "Initialisation/Learning"
    5. Choose "Programming of the built-in systems interface (Engine immobiliser code and keys)"
    6. I enter my access code.
    7. Enter 1 key
    8. I follow the instructions and get stuck at the "check of the programming of key 1" screen.
    9. After 3 attempts I get "you have made 3 attempts which have not succeeded
    wait for a quarter of an hour, then restart the learing of the keys".

    I cannot start the car with key, however, the remote lock/unlock is working.

    I've checked the parameter values and can see that the programming didn't work and the ECU is locked:


    transponder antiscanning active No
    key 1 synchronised No
    key 2 synchronised No
    key 3 synchronised No
    key 4 synchronised No
    key 5 synchronised No
    programming for transponders Encryption: PSA

    ECM locked Yes
    transponder marker recognized No
    transponder key number learned 2 keys

    The key stopped working/couldn't start the car after a timing belt and starter engine replacement. I have the "economy mode active" message in the display. I've tried with a new battery. Nothing works :-(

    Any ideas?
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    And the lesson learned today is: If you change the plastic case on the key, you absolutely definitely need to move the transponder chip from the old case to the new case. It will never ever noway be enough to move only the circuit bord to the new case.

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    My friend takes that transponder out and tapes it onto the ignition switch so his car will start with any key.

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    I always thought it was strange that the programming of the remote lock / unlock is a separate procedure to the programming of the immobiliser to start the engine.

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by 'get stuck at the "check of the programming of key 1" screen.' ? All you do at this point is follow the prompts to insert the next key when required.


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    Silly question, but where is the transponder in the case? I have swapped things around, but never yet had a problem (probably because I only swapped the top)
    I do have a 207 key that was not able to be reprogrammed (on the car I recently bought). I bought a Chinese key, & yet to program: swapped the back & blade from the original key

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