205gti exhaust tinkering
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    205gti exhaust tinkering

    i have a 1987 peugeot 205gti and am considering exhaust modifications. i was thinking 2.5" or even 3" from the bend down from the manifold, the first section of exhaust is already rather big. how much might this cost will it sound good or simply rough, and atre there performence gains to be had. is it worth getting extractors and replacing the entire exhaust system or is this only going to be a pointless expensive exersise. i was thinking of extractors because my exhaust manifold is already cracked (just a little) and will eventually need replacing. finally what kind if any tuning will be needed if i go ahead with the modifications?

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    keep the manifold, they all crack so don't worry about it. Just make it a 2 1/4 inch thing from before the Cat. You may need to replace the cat with a wider one. The whole thing cost me $500 including a bigger cat. You can actually keep the original cat by cutting the skinny ends off, so they mate with the new 2 1/4 inch exhaust, but I would guess most exhaust guys would try to sell you a new cat instead.
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    hi guys we have a full exhaust coming in next week for the 205 gti from extractors to the tail pipe
    they are made by devil france....
    i have not got the prices on me so send me a email if you want to know..
    regards paul.

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    Hey amcc have a browse through the search section on this forum there is a lot of posts on exhaust and other engine mods for the 205, also you will probably come across a site called <a href="http://www.pumaracing.co.uk" target="_blank">www.pumaracing.co.uk</a> heaps of honest reliable info on 205 tuning.
    Have fun!!
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