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Thread: Incorrectly connected battery - Now no crank, no start - 2007 407 2L HDI

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWS View Post
    Does this Peugeot 407 (2005) – fuse box diagram help? I know it is an earlier year - but I'd expect it not to change 2005 to 2008 (or maybe I'm wrong?)

    Thanks but that's not what I am after.
    I am after the details for the maxi fuses under the BSM.
    I haven't seen them documented anywhere. I didn't even know they were there until I removed the BSM.


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    Ok another idea but you would have guesed already. Swap BSI and ECU which are matched from sedan to wagon. Stick key from sedan under steering column as its matched with BSI and use original wagon key to start.
    Only issue will be km on odometer will change so best to unplug cluster so this doesn't happen.
    If all go you have eliminated BSM issue and any other electrical problems.

    Just leaves BSI to be reconfigured as its lost the plot only one chip on BSI holds the configuration so if cant be reprogrammed remove a known good chip and re-solder onto yours.

    Anyone else comment on the above?

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    SOunds like a plan, just about to buy myself the same model / year car so will remember not to reverse battery!
    87 S1 205 GTI / GTI6 powered a project underway

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