2007 307 2.0 HDi T6 fuel filter change won't start
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Thread: 2007 307 2.0 HDi T6 fuel filter change won't start

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    Default 2007 307 2.0 HDi T6 fuel filter change won't start

    I just changed the fuel filter and it started and ran for a couple of seconds but then stopped and wouldn't restart. Eventually flattened the battery. Spent a lot of time searching this forum and eventually found something elsewhere. The trick was to squeeze the daylights out of the priming bulb at the same time as the engine was being cranked. Even then it fired and stopped the first time. The next time I kept squeezing for a few seconds after it started and now its OK.

    There were a couple of things that contributed to the problem. The car was still jacked up at the front and there was only a 1/4 tank of fuel. I had filled the filter canister with the priming bulb until it came out of the vent at the top but not primed some more after I closed the vent.


    It seems that these do not have a low pressure pump so the high pressure pump has to pull fuel up from the tank. Any air between the tank and the pump makes this difficult.
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    The HP pump usually manages small quantities. There is a transparent section in the fuel line after the filter, and trapped air shows up there.

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    I had the same problem the first time I changed mine. As you said, the trick is to keep squeezing the primer bulb, even while the engine is cranking.

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