Let me re-introduce myself and my new Peugeot
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Thread: Let me re-introduce myself and my new Peugeot

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    Default Let me re-introduce myself and my new Peugeot

    Hi all,
    Thought I'd start with this letting you know who I am and what I am driving and add a long story behind it for all those who care.
    My name is Martin and I originally joined aussiefrogs back in 2011 once I purchased a maroon (stunning colour) 206 Gti my wife and I absolutely loved the car. 2 years on I had to sell it and trade it in for a family wagon.

    Skip through to 2017. Our family needed, in particular me - a work car to do the daily commutes. As a car enthusiast and the budget of $3k, as I love doing I did comparisons on what was potentially available in the price range. I was looking for something with some performance, looks good and has better fuel economy than the big v6 heavy 4wd I was normally driving especially as I spend 2hours a day driving to work and back. To keep a long story short nothing came close to the 2004 206gti 180 at all. So I pulled the trigger and purchased it.

    The sale/purchase.
    This may be of interest to some - this is the first time ever I have "been done" in a car sale before. The guy selling lied completely to my face numerous times - which is I suppose normal but it's the stories behind them that were so well thought of which I believed.
    While I was angry at myself and the seller, I can't help look back and smile and think damn that guy was a slick lier "snake oil salesman" and I accept that sometimes you just get outplayed, out smarted and out done and this was my day.
    On with my story.
    He was extremely hard to arrange a time to see the car as he was so busy and after I almost gave up, he arranged a 10min inspection outside his work. Already looking back I was on the back door right then and there. Upon looking over the car my questions were: inspecting under the car as I laid on the ground I noticed the bottom of the car was incredibly clean and shiny but I did notice a old pool of oil on the exhaust. His reply the g/box blew and the drain plug seal failed and tranny oil went everywhere, it was cleaned up I have receipts for the the replacement gbox it's only 3 months old it blew because it was starved of oil via the leak. I thought OK makes sense I guess. Next question: has it been in any accidents? I checked all panel gaps and bolt heads - I couldnt find anything car hadn't been washed in along time was very dusty dirty. 3rd question: is there any work I have to do on this car that needs attention and will it pass Rego? Nothing it runs like clock work.
    The test drive went well. It was heavily perfumed inside the cabin after the test drive was over and I questioned it he said his wife was into the smelly insence stuff which I didn't believe as I thought it pointed straight to a fuel pump leak like I had on my old Gti. I removed the rear seat to find nothing wrong there. At this point I was being rushed heavily which didn't give me a chance to think things through. I told him the smell was a concern, and he replied with - when the gbox was an issue and leaking on the exhaust it used to smoke up and smell hence why his wife put lots of perfume in the car.
    I did manage to discover the driver seat cushion collapsed too which he tried to hide from me. I asked for his old gbox and all receipts which said he will hand it over to me.


    From an advertised $3200 I purchased it for $2600 with doubt in the back of my mind. I drove it straight to a mechanic to carry out a Blueslip as I was converting it from ACT to NSW Rego.
    It failed as oil was pooring all over the place.
    After numerous attempts at contact I have never heard from the seller again.

    It failed on a rear main seal oil leak. After managing to hunt down the mechanic who did the gbox replacement he advised me he knew the seal was leaking and advised the seller to replace it for an extra $100 and was refused. Mechanics confirmed the first lie it failed Rego badly!
    2nd lie, it had been in an accident! On my drive home from the failed Blueslip the boot was rattling like mad. The latch was not correctly reinstalled (which I have since fixed) after a minor rear end accident from what I can gather and also hidden the boot was a small box of a few parts and it was another bumper light.
    Number 3 lie was the smell not only he lied about the smell of burning oil not being current I discovered the next day that it was a smokers car. I purchased the car at dusk (which is a big no no) and didn't visually pick it up, which I am really dissapointed in myself with.

    As I'm not a rich man I was forced to replace the rear main seal myself. And thanks those who offered advice and help. It took me 2months to complete (birth of my baby girl tends to slow progress down). During this exercise I replaced a leaking clutch slave cylinder and both lower control arms as ball joints and bushes were worn.
    I have done a lot of mechanical work including engine replacements, gbox and suspension work. You name it you can bet I've done it. The rear main seal was the worst exercise ever. I had to remove so much just to get to the damn gbox.

    Any way that's my story. I have some issues I need to solve which I'll post up to ask for advice so don't be shy throw in your 2cents or even if you don't know simply say hi.

    I've attached a couple of pics

    Thanks for reading


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    in the old days, but not now, I knew some one who once told me, "there is nothing that cannot be fixed with a gallon of petrol and match". However, that was then.
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    Les W.

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    Welcome back, Martin. I had a 206 once, and loved driving it. But it was so zippy that after getting one speeding ticket, I sold it....

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    Haha yes the old days would have been good, but I just have to move and enjoy my car.
    Yeah the car is certainly zippy great car to throw around corners too.

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