Hi all,

firstly... to the countless number of people that called, SMSed or emailed me with help and suggestions... THANK YOU... we did finally get the gearbox out (subframe removal was the trick...)

We've now got the gearbox in, and aligned etc.. however, we are now at the part of connecting the clutch cable.

The problem that we are having is that the fork that protrudes from the gearbox that has the thrust bearing on the end, doesn't seem that secure.

And when lining the protruding end with the clutch lever, it doesn't want to 'work' ... I am not sure how best to describe it.. the pin between the clutch fork and the clutch pivot bracket doesn't line up and stay when depressing the clutch...


Just to add, after reading a post on the internet from somone in the UK.. we do not remember there being any bolts for the thrust bearing fork (on the outside or inside)

P.s Contact number(s) are 0413 787 799 (justin) and 0411470880 (Dean)


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