207cc Depollution system and gearbox fault in cold start up
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Thread: 207cc Depollution system and gearbox fault in cold start up

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    Default 207cc Depollution system and gearbox fault in cold start up

    Long term lurker.. first time poster in need of opinions

    So my beloved auto 207cc with near 70,000km (2009build) initially threw the old depollution fault (along with the snow flake symbol and S sports symbol flashing) around 1 year ago on a few occasions. Id read about it here and researched online. Only have ever used Premium petrol.

    Had stopped taking it to dealership few years back as wasn't impressed and my new guy serviced it & replaced a coil pack & it managed to clear the error, and it didn't return.. until it did and then it threw a gearbox error hissyfit soon after.

    Now I am getting a gearbox fault (along with the snow flake symbol and S sports symbol flashing) on almost every cold morning after driving around 1km. The car has just started having almost a jolt right before it gives this gearbox error, the car then looses a bit of power. Even with a long warming up it still occurs. Once the car is restarted there is no further problem and she runs perfectly. I can leave it in the cold work car park and leave and she warms up quicker and it doesn't occur. Ive read of this on UK Pug threads. Peugeot 206 automatic - Snow/Sport lights flashing on dashboard - Peugeot Forums


    Im no car expert. I don't want to go dealership, don't believe this car could possibly have a gearbox issue this early on, is it connected to ECU? Ive just moved house & Im Thinking a service with SIMS motors Brunswick or one of these recommmended forum guys and see what error codes comes up & id say software updates.
    Anyone have any suggestions? or what you'd want to be looked at first, much appreciated!

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    The AL4 box? My manual for an early AL4 used in Citroen lists:
    The appearance of certain faults in the system causes the SPORT and SNOW
    warning lights to flash.
    The sport and snow warning lights flash in the following cases:
    • when the transmission oil is too hot (extinguish when oil has cooled),
    • when the transmission oil is old (oil counter value at calibrated maximum
    • when there is a break in the serial link between the transmission ECU and the
    control panel.

    The "SPORT" and "SNOW" warning lights flash if there is a fault on the following
    components or information:
    • transmission ECU,
    • ECU supply,
    • oil pressure sensor,
    • supply to sequence electrovalves (EVS1 to EV6),
    • regulation fault in main hydraulic pressure,
    • multifunction switch,
    • sequence electrovalves (EVS1 to EV6),
    • main pressure modulating electrovalve (pressure EVM),
    • converter lock-up modulating electrovalve (lock-up EVM),
    • oil flow electrovalve in heat exchanger,
    • main hydraulic pressure electrovalve,
    • accelerator pedal not programmed,
    • input speed and output speed,
    • input speed and engine speed,
    • output speed and engine speed,
    • engine speed information,
    • pedal position,
    • supply to analogue sensors.
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    Thanks for that Seasink.

    Quite a list! Perhaps a trans check, oil change and maybe solenoids is way to go

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    How old is the battery?
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    **FIX** So update, I took my Pug to SIMS Motors in Brunswick and solenoids were replaced and itís been a few months now, under a variety of conditions and have had no further issues!
    Couldnít be happier or recommend SIMS in any higher regard.

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    Good to se you had the problem solved.
    The 206 software would be the same as the 307 I would imagine.
    We had the two accessible solenoids on box exterior replaced under warranty
    because of banging gear changes back in 2006 and have never had a problem since.
    These solenoids control gearbox pressure and I think either input shaft or output shaft speed.
    Cheers from Tazfrog
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    With the AL4 snowflake, thump, goes away on restart - it's always the solenoids. Solenoids solenoids. Don't go changing fluid. maybe one should even change the solenoids every 100,00 or so? They should be manufacturing the solenoids properly by now? Surely.

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