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    Default 307 fuel pump

    Hi all, I have a 2006 307 2.0ltr petrol hatch that requires a new fuel pump. Where's best place to get one? Easy job? They located under rear seat? Thanks


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    Pretty sure it'll be like a 306 - lift the seat base in the back and pry out the plastic cover and it's there. If it were me, I'd get a complete assembly rather than a pump only. Available on eBay for around $200 delivered. Straight forward to change - have lots of rags around the pump unit as it's very difficult to avoid spilling petrol in the car. Changing it with the tank as empty as you can helps.

    All this assumes the pump is definitely faulty of course.

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    I can't say for sure with the 307, but doing the pump on a 2003 206 2.0 GTi was straightforward enough, although getting the new pump o-ring properly seated and tight was tricky from above and I ended up dropping the fuel tank (a 30 minute easy job).

    I had to replace our pump because the top cover had a pinhole leak in return line. I kept the perfectly good pump insert which might be the same as you require - if it is only the pump itself that died. I'd happily send it to you for cost of shipping, but you can likely buy a complete assembly from a wrecker for under $50 anyway. Looks like they are around $150-$200 new on ebay.

    If you do change the pump, empty the tank partially before starting to avoid any spillage.

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