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    Icon5 A Question for 505 Owners

    Hey all

    My dad and i just picked up an 1983 505 STI, and under the bonnet is quite dirty. We were wanting to degrease the engine on the weekend, and were just wondering, what bits needed to be covered up, so they dont get wet, and just any tips or thoughts on the best way of going about it.


    Comments and thoughts much appreciated,

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    1983 Peugeot 505 STI

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    Shy away from the distributer and don't use water pressure around the spark plugs. Other than that they are pretty good to clean without dying down the street afterwards.

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    I used to just take mine to the DIY car wash and wash the engine while it ran. Make sure it's warmed up, and get someone to hold it at a high idle while you spray it down (or hold the throttle open yourself.)

    Check the dissy cap & leads are on thoroughly cos if it gets wet you'll lose your spark. If there are any air leaks (bad bad things on STI motors) you'll find out as you spray around, so pay attention (if the motor coughs and splutters on a certain spot, you've found a leak.)

    These motors are notoriosly _filthy_ and even after several sessions with the high-pressure water and degreaser gun, mine was still a bit dirty. But it was a definite improvement, far more pleasant to work on.

    I'd also avoid spraying too much water into the overhead cam belt (it lives under the black cover on the front of the engine, there's a little inspection window if I remember correctly), but I don't think it'd be bad if you did.

    Don't spray too much on moving bearings/hubs either, or you might wash off the grease (good luck w/ an STI motor!)

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