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Thread: Mobil 8000!!!

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    Default Mobil 8000!!!

    I've had an annoying missfire in my car at ~2500rpm, checked plugs, distributor, fuel filter etc but couldn't see anything wrong. In the past I had tried Shell Optimax and it made no difference so I just ran it on 91 ron whatever.

    But... the other day I filled it up with Mobil 8000 (98RON) and it drove better than ever. No miss fire, more power everywhere, very happy

    I'm never putting anything else in my tank, except for maybe BP Ultimate which I think is the same.


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    Default Mobil Synergy

    Hi, i've an old Skoda with slightly higher compression etc. with a prehistoric combustion chamber shape. It pings on all so called high quality fuels under load except with Synergy

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    In France there is only 95 RON and 98 RON petrol. There is no such thing as the ordinary unleaded (91/92 RON) that we have here in Australia. Therefore I would only consider putting premuim unleaded or 8000/Optimax/Ultimate in my 1995 Peugeot 405. The extra cost for 8000/Optimax/Ultimate is more than compensated for by better fuel economy and better engine wear.
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    I'll vouch for that. My car runs best with Mobil synergy 8000. I've tried BP ultimate, and there's no pinging but only after 2 tanks of BP ultimate from a couple of big BP servos on my trip along the gt ocean rd and back (once filled at Warnambool, other in Melbourne) my car developed a weird stalling issue. That is, just rolling down to a traffic light and I chuck it into neutral and the revs drop to idle, instead of stopping at idle (around 1000 rpm) it'd continue down until the engine cut out. It kept doing this until I filled it with Mobil 8000. Now granted it could've just been a bad batch of fuel, but it was a real big BP servo in Melbourne, and personally for me, after not having one problem using Mobil 8000 I won't be trying anything else again whilst it's still available.
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