Warning Light Question on 306 XS!!
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    Warning Light Question on 306 XS!!

    Hi there Peeps!!


    Quick question! I have just bought a 306 XS and whenever I put the dashboard lights on, I get a warning light that looks a little box with to lines sticking out of it..One on the top and one on the left of it?? I'm guessing that this means that I have an electrical problem, as even when I start the engine, the light doesn't go out...

    Any ideas as it's drivin me mad!!


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    Deamon, welcome to AF, send all joining fees to <a href="http://www.sendmeonaholiday.gov.au" target="_blank">www.sendmeonaholiday.gov.au</a> ....lol.
    But a little more seriuos, Were do you live? as i don't recal getting XS 306's here in Aus. We got XR, XT, XSi, S16, GTi-6, and XT sedan and Cabriolet... correct me if im worng.
    Did you get a driver manual with the car, check it as it explains what each light means/does. Just check that your not confusing it for something simple like, a Driving lights on indicator or something.
    Is the light Orange? does it look like a funny K? I could be a number of things really. Best to check the basics first ie oil, coolant, etc. and then proceed to your most trusted mechanic. good luck. - chris

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    ... ptui!

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    is it in the shape of a K ???
    if so it's the engine management warning light
    it should go out shortly after starting the car
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    It's the engine management light.

    I have a 306XS after all - it's a 306XSi
    Chris - it means XS trim with the top model engine (at the time)

    Demon... I'd be getting it checked out. Does the engine run alright? First thing to check I'd say, is if you've got water! Don't want to run out on the way to the mechanic afterall.

    I don't really know what's causing it, without knowing how the car runs. If it runs like a dog, my bet is the oxygen sensor's gone (not expensive to replace).


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