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Thread: 203/403 speed equip.

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    Default Period speed gear

    Went hunting for old photos and came across these, thought they might be of interest.
    The second picture is probably older than the first, as it shows the pressed sheet metal stabiliser arms between the torque tube and the axle "trompettes". The first picture shows the more common pipe construction stabiliser arms.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 203/403 speed equip.-203-sway-bar-rear.jpg   203/403 speed equip.-203-sway-bars.jpg  
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    Great memories of the things we used to do to 203's, I cheated a bit and fitted 2 litre 504 engine and running gear, still run a 504 engine in my clubman.
    Graham Lewis

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    The first is for the 403s fitted with rear telescopic shocks (1960 onwards), the second example is for the earlier 403 with lever rear shockers.

    That front sway bar is very similar to the sydney speed shop arrangement as far as attachment to the body. It is probably better in the way it attached to the front suspension...the SSS version attached to brackets on the eyes of the front spring ( limiting the steering lock at the extremes).

    Great old documents to have in your files!


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    The SSS version suffered from bad geometry, I broke a link on mine.
    The car was cart like on dry bitumen but diabolical in the wet or on slippery surfaces for some reason, probably the geometry problem. Rear bar (404 bar fitted fine) gave more precision but caused bad rear wheel lifting. All in all I thought it was much better without the ARBs. As LKJ Setright wrote, "fitment of an antiroll bar is a sign of failure by the engineers"
    My 403 has 5inch wide 14 inch rims with 185 80 14 Michelin Agilis light truck tyres and it steers brilliantly.
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    203/403 speed equip.-imag0407.jpg203/403 speed equip.-imag0408.jpg203/403 speed equip.-imag0409.jpg203/403 speed equip.-imag0410.jpg

    Here are the pics I promised in an earlier post. Left hand manifold is one we got from Bob Pritchett when my sister bought his 403 wagon (see earlier post). It takes a Weber twin-choke downdraught and if I remember correctly is based on an MG manifold. It's a bit rough around the edges but looks like it would work OK. I think Bob made it himself. For those who don't know of Bob, he was big in the classic car club scene in Sydney after the war and was a member of PCCNSW. He was pretty old when we bought his wagon in the early 1980s so would have passed away long since.
    The other manifold is the locally-made type that seems to have been made in some numbers as they turn up quite often. Fits in neatly without fouling the distributor. Were these made by SSS? I don't know.
    There is a guy in PCCNSW who has a 203 fitted with an Oxenford head. I think they were a Sydney-based company who did speed mods. I've followed him on the open road and the car is pretty quick!
    About the Waggott cam in my 403 motor - unfortunately I don't know the valve timings of the cam but it gives plenty of torque and takes off over about 3000rpm. I had problems when I rebuilt the motor because I forgot to mark the timing chain and sprockets and couldn't get the timing right. I phoned up Waggott and they told me how to work it out.
    Ron Gruber in PCCNSW had some 403 extractors made up a year or two ago and sold a few sets to Club members. I have a set but haven't used them yet.

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