Need help with my 206
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    Need help with my 206

    Hello all


    My got a pug 206 XT, what i want to do is change the wheels and put in GTI lights. Does anyone know whats the biggest size i could fit without expanding the guards? 17's?. The other problem is that i would like the gti style lights, where each bulb is separated, is that trasformation done better through a dealer? Does anyone have any tips or advice about modifying a 206?

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    17ins are the perfect fit without modifying the gueards. 18ins can also be fitted with very very minor mod on guards. I've actually seem someone fitting in 19ins .......

    As to the lights, probably cheaper to get them off a wrecker and ask a local electrician to fit them on for you. The lights should fit on alright but may need extra wiring. Don't get the dealer to do it, they just subcontract the job out to their local electricians.

    Modifying 206 ah? depends on what you want and how much $$$$$ you want to spend. Drop me an email as to what you want to be done and i'll try to help you out.

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    whats the point in putting on biggest wheels possible?

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    i'd recommend 17" wheels, anythin bigger would look stupid i guess, coz u need something as well that suits the cars style, so possibly if u can find aftermarket wheels similar to the Peugeot Originals
    as for the lights, as im a 206 xt owner too, i am also planning to do this mod, so if u find any info on it pleaze help ie costs etc,
    the wreckers is a good option, esp if there are some gti's there except i dont know any wrecker places so sorry bout dat lol
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    If you have plenty of cash the 17" are the way to go. But we don't have a big selection of wheels in Australia to choose from that fit perfectly. There are lots of 206's on UK sites with 205 x 40 x 17's. Look good too.

    Check the gallery out in this website for ideas. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    For other Aussies with 206's. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    I have just upgraded my 206Gti to 205 x 45 x 16's (I had the 2000 model 15"s which I sold to a guy with a 205GTi).With 16"s they are alot cheaper, you have a much better selection of wheels and also our roads are crap. The 16's look fine and will look even better with a 35mm drop.

    I can't help you with the lights. But you can by aftermarket quad lamps that look awesome.

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