Peugeot 405 SRDT retirement
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Thread: Peugeot 405 SRDT retirement

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    Default Peugeot 405 SRDT retirement

    Hi Folks.


    It is a sad day when you have to retire a great car but all good things must come to and en. My 405 wagon has reached a great milestone of 420000km with a motor than is still as tight as the day it was new and doesn't use any oil (full synthetic oil is great stuff). Just our dirt road has taken its toll and the old girl is headed for Pug wreck in Melbourne so hopefully someone can make use of some great parts. Anyway I would be keen to hear if anyone knows of other Peugeot diesels that have done so many KM's. Also if anyone is interested in it (I also have another 1995 model wagon not going but which has only done 180000) let me know and we can discuss a deal.


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    Ahh too bad. My 405 DL was scrapped in 2009 after 366,000 km. It was a petrol engined XU9J2. Head gasket failure killed it.
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    I had a 1993 405 STDT in the UK in around 2004, it had done over 350,000 miles (about 560k kms) and went like a rocket. The steering rack failed and that sealed its fate.

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    My 405 Wagon has 516 500km on the clock (near enough give or take a fifty). It has been cared for too. Front struts are a bit wiggly up top and rear left damper is a bit toasty, but it still returns 1000km per tank, leaves quite a few late model contraption (drivers) wondering what happened to that 'daggy old red wagon' while coming down the twisty bits of the Clyde mountain between here and Canberra. Oh it still carries all manner of things from Three wet fluffy overgrown teddy bear Chow Chows, to a fridge, or load of bark or timber for the fire, or half tonne of garbage on a trailer.
    What a car....French Wagons are The Best.
    The only thing better in my humble opinion is a Peugeot 404 wagon (or perhaps a ute). You can fit a fridge on the roof rack of the 404 wagon and another inside as well as tow a fair sized caravan at 90km/h all day. 404 wagons Go where four wheel drives go too.
    Just magnificent.
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    Have had to retire my 405 SRDT at 540,000km because it just isn't economic to repair it as I can't do the work myself.

    Sad end to a great car.

    My Brisbane mechanic has a customer with one with 900,000km and still going.

    Others have been scrapped at under 300,000km.

    Guess its the luck of the draw and the amount of maintenance.

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