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Thread: 205mi16 ???

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    Default 205mi16 ???

    i have started a couple of posts in the last couple of weeks on 205mi16 conversion options and thoughts. i would like to get in contact with anyone in melbourne that is currently considering this convewrion, or even better has started. i would also like some advice concerning engineers certificates as if i go down this path i will need on. what in the procedure in volved in gaining an engineers certificate? and what might i expect to have to pay to obtain one for a 205mi16? who do i contact, ie what authorities are involved, in order to find out more?


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    I'm building one in Sydney if that helps. CAMS will be able to give you a list of engineers in your area. Go and see one. Tell them what you're planning. They'll soon put you on the right track. I can't see what the problem is in Victoria. The clearance problem on the radiator can be overcome with a shortened inlet manifold. If power is an issue, it's relatively easy to upgrade to Mi16 size brakes.

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    Peter the problem is Steve Bracks.

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    you can also contact your local department of transport and they will have a list of engineers there

    speak to a couple of them first, go and see them and get all the info you can

    let them tell you what you can and can't do and offer them a look at the car first before anything to give them an idea

    i have found them to be more than helpful over the years
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