These don't fit in the for sale/parts section of the forum so am hoping moderator will allow them to sit here for a few days. 3 classic Pug models, boxed and ready for gifting. $30 each plus $20 post or pickup in southern Sydney.
407 Silhouette 1:18th , Corgi Tour Equipe de Cyclistes C67 205 and 505 support car set (box worn ), and Paris Dakar 405 Raid 1/24th.
Sold by order of messages received.
Gifts for the Peugeot nut-407-2.jpgGifts for the Peugeot nut-203-2.jpgGifts for the Peugeot nut-203-1.jpgGifts for the Peugeot nut-corgi-2.jpgGifts for the Peugeot nut-corgi-1.jpgGifts for the Peugeot nut-407-1.jpg