306 Brakes and Bushes?
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    Icon7 306 Brakes and Bushes?

    Hope some of you aussies could help a fellow pug owner from Scotland,the good bit above england!(feel free to call me jock).


    My 2001 306 Dturdo HDI need new front discs and wishbone bushes.Is a disc swap do able for a weekend mechanic, any tips would be good.Are any special tools needed for the job.

    And onto the bushes, no problems getting the wishbones of the car but the factory bushes seem to be permanently attached .Can they be removed (if so how) and new bushes installed in the old wishbone or do I have to buy a complete new unit.

    Any advice greatly appreciated ,

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    Disks are easy to do, you have to remove the caliper off the hub, there are two large bolts, then remove the retaining screws. These can be tough, Make sure you have the right sized phillips head screw driver. A hammer, penetrating lubricant and heat also helps.

    Regarding the bushes, these can't be done at home and need to be pressed in and out my a mechanic. Best to leave it to them.
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