$16,500 on cars you can't even drive . Great effort on what looks like a great collection, however i don't know too many people with a spare 16k too spend on matchbox cars . Good present for your 2 year old nephew perhaps

You are bidding on a collection of model Peugeots-depicting vehicles of this marque from 1892-2004. This collection consists of 1:43 scale Diecast, Resin/Plastic models and unmade kits. There are approximately 178 individual models in this collection, from manufacturers such as Verem, French Dinky. Minichamps, EMP. Solido, Norev, Provence Moulage, Idem, Jielge, MA Collection, John Day, Eligor and more. This collection has been accumulated over the last 36 years

All the best with the sale.