404 Ute rust repairs
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    Default 404 Ute rust repairs

    Hi , I wonder if anyone knows if there are rust repair sections available for a 404 Ute cab front chassis ?
    I sent my 404 away to welder friend and its 90% fixed now but he found rust in the chassis under the cab and a couple of tie sections which he feels will take an age to replicate ...hes in NE Victoria so its hard to know exactly what is what until I get pictures .....anyone know whee to by rust repair sections from a firm like Alfaholics who have every inch of the Alfa 105 covered with cheap good quality repair sections ?
    My Ute was owned by Colin Hague and has a 504 wagon axle , injected kugelfischer 2 litre engine ,disc brakes etc and is a rocket .....hoping to get it back on the road as a workshop vehicle for our business ASAP ....
    Any leads would be great !


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    Have you talked to Colin about these sections ?

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    Default 404 Ute rust repairs

    Der Franzose had the chassis rail sections for the saloon a couple of years ago. I bought them and they fitted well.

    They also have floor sections and door skins. We found the door skins to be more trouble than they were worth - were only bottom sections and it was easier to find the best doors we could and patch them

    Not sure whether saloon is same as Ute, as have been lusting after a ute for a while but have never got my hands on one


    Quote Originally Posted by ianrobbo View Post
    Have you talked to Colin about these sections ?

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