FYI we have a 2012 207 XTA which from day one has been noisy especially when cold with quite a marked rattle for a few ks until warm. During warranty agents assured me direct injection engines are noisier, PSA assured me this motor "has won many awards", & slowly we became convinced the chain was going to fly to bits at some stage so decided to have it diagnosed with the plan to go for an out of warranty claim to get it right. New agent wanted it cold (fair enough), so delivered it approx 180 ks to agent who then could NOT replicate fault on day one. Day two I could NOT replicate fault, but PSA France wanted recording, so I had another go day 3 with NO rattle so we brought it home. Next day on our familiar roads & cold NO rattle!!
This thing has only done 20,000 shopping basket kms so its possible it just needed a caning, but bear in mind it has been like this since day one & does get a 2 way 50 kms "thrashing" once a month when I get hold of it from my wife.
SO The agent checked the timing chain for stretch using the PSA kit (all good, no stretch) made three PSA computer related mods ("which we dont think could affect the issue" they said), and since they reckon the rattle sounds more like a knock it could be a fuel/ timing issue but was not picked up by the knock sensor or diagnosis procedure. As with the warranty crew before their computer has come up with the vehicle is driven by tow different driver styles.....true but heck.
SO We dont have the dreaded chain rattle, but still dont know what the newly named "knocking" is which has gone at the moment. The only advice is to try a different source of fuel.
Sorry re being long winded but maybe there are some others out there who are chasing the dreaded chain rattle when it could be this what ever.
NB car seems to be more peppy now & changes down more sharply, so maybe gear box was sticking and stressing the engine Ha ha.
Safe driving