405 SRDT Clutch Problem
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    Icon5 405 SRDT Clutch Problem


    We have a 1995 405 SRDT sedan with 182000 km on the clock.
    Excellent condition, except that following replacement of the clutch cable last service (it was damaged), we have noticed we need to press the clutch pedal almost through the floor to disengage properly.

    My serviceman says "needs a new clutch", but I am not convinced.
    Prior to the new clutch cable, the clutch was slipping, now we can't release it properly (almost!) - somehow doesn't add up??

    Comments and suggestions appreciated!

    Cheers for now.


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    Sounds like it needs to be adjusted properly. The cable adjustment is too long hence the clutch does not operate properly. Much like a hydraulic clutch without enough fluid or with too much air. Generally the closer the pedal is to the floor in a properly adjusted system, the better the clutch plate condition is. I replaced the clutch in the cruiser, it was slipping badly and for a long time the take up point had been near the top of the pedal. With the new clutch the take up point is as far from the floor as it was the top of the pedal previously. Sounds like your mechanic is trying to line his pockets by selling you a newly installed clutch when he could simply get the setting right on the current one.
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