Recently I was trawling eBay for a six speed 716xxx type W203 C220cdi manual transmission for my Mercedes w460 project and discovered one cheap from an Estonian wrecking outlet that markets and ships to the UK and EU.


I noticed that there were nil shipping restrictions 'international buyers welcome' so I thought "OK, I'm game, I'll see what happens"

Anyway short story short, one week later, an old timber factory Volvo stamped box lands on my doorstep with said transmission packed up inside all present and correct. Delivered all up including item & freight less than $320- no fuss, paperwork or any further ado. This is better than a bargain. This is a +$3K item locally if you can get one.

So I looked a little closer at what the vendor else had available and they list all sorts of things- with a fair amount of French stuff. Figured I'd share the link with my fellow Froggies. No I am not affiliated.

Here: Green Spare Parts items - Get great deals on ECU s, Throttle Bodies items on eBay Stores!

Cheers steu