Electro valves and sensors - Prince engine.
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    Default Electro valves and sensors - Prince engine.

    Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ or The Twilight Zone . . .

    Doing some investigation into sensors on the PRINCE BMW/PSA engine for some time now.

    Finally replaced the last of five ‘so called’ electro valves and air intake sensors. The last being the electro valve that sits underneath the air intake manifold. It is now a revised part: # 1922 V6.

    When the Tart would approach the bottom of the Towoomba range it spat the dummy. I read that this electro valve can be sensitive to baramotric pressure, and it was an old forked part anyhow.

    Part was $190, and $100 to fit.

    Test: Bottom of Towom. Range? Now no issues.

    Tip: Replace these five sensors when you get to 100,000 klicks – IMO


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    Try getting in there in the tiny space on a DS3 for the turbo pressure. As long as PSA cars have engines set under the windscreen, rear fittings of any kind should not occur.

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