98' Peugeot 306 wearing front tyres rapidly
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Thread: 98' Peugeot 306 wearing front tyres rapidly

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    Default 98' Peugeot 306 wearing front tyres rapidly

    I've got a 98' Peugeot 306 which is wearing the front tyres very rapidly. The wear is on the inner edge of the tyre (the side that faces into the car) on both front tyres and I get around 10,000 km before the tyres are down to the belts. There is no play in the wheels in any axis when the car is up on the stands. The steering will center when driving slowly from a full lock left/right, although when turning right it will center all the way but not make it the last say 15-20 degrees. When turning full lock right there is also a little bit of a clunk? I've got the car booked in for lower control arm bushes but I'm wondering if this could be maybe the rack?

    The car was also driven at very low speed into the gutter (thinking parallel parking with a little too much vigor) <10 km/h on the left hand side (no wheel/tyre damage) could this have bent stuff?


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    Wheel alignment will tell you what is wrong very quickly

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    Beat me to it. The alignment they do nowadays will give you very accurate readings and analyse just what needs adjusting. I drive slowly especially around corners, and avoid kerbs, after seeing the scuffing my front tyre treads got from poor alignment.

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    Two things:

    First: this is clearly a toe-out matter.

    It might be that it is simply a matter of new tyres, a re-alignment & all is well. Or, it might be a mechanical problem. This might be that something is bent from impact trauma (repair or replace). Or, it might be worn suspension bushes allowing the wheels to drag into toe-out when not under active acceleration (which tends to climb them into toe-in). So: replace bushes.

    Clearly you have to get it examined for mechanical condition before fussing with new tyres & a re-alignment. The tyre tech. might be able to advise or it might be beyond his competence & you're best to get your mechanic to appraise it.

    Second: When you are confident that you have the front suspension in sound condition & are about to get new tyres & a re-alignment, then I advise you to put the existing rears at the front & the new tyres at the rear. That way the old tyres can be chopped out first at the hardest wearing end & you can move to four more closely matched tyres as soon as possible.

    cheers! Peter
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