Gti 6 Brake Switch
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    Default Gti 6 Brake Switch


    I'm having some issues with my brake switch wondering if anyone can provide some advice.

    My brake lights went missing so I read up on the UK Gti6 owners forum and found a thread about removing the brake switch. I following the thread successfully removed the switch, cleaned it up and put it back in. The brake lights worked again but within a minute the switch was really hot to touch. I'm worried by leaving it back in I'm just going to burn the switch contacts again and I will be back where I started. I believe the problem may be linked to my electric windows as they have karked it. Any thoughts as to what to do next?


    BTW If anyone is looking for Gt 6 I'm wanting to get rid of it as I need to upgrade family car. Obviously the car is not roadworthy and has some issues noted above but I'm willing to let go cheap.

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    Get a new switch from Repco or another pug at wreckers they are not that special, the heat is not good make sure its wired correctly.
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