G'day Fellow Froggers,

I have recently purchased a 1994 S16. It's in Pretty good condition body wise, needs some TLC on the inside as well as Mechanically.
While the vehicle does go reasonably well, I have already identified items that need attention. Particularly the ACAV system. It appears the solenoid has been completely removed from the system, & the other vacuum hoses have just been Tee'd together. This is obviously robbing some power from the engine so I'd like to get it sorted.
Firstly, does anyone on here have a solenoid For sale that I could purchase? How much do they normally cost?
Secondly, I'd need a diagram, maybe even a copy of the workshop manual to determine how it's supposed to be plumbed in. If anyone can supply a workshop manual or diagram of the system that would be great. Additionally, the vacuum lines that have been tee'd together don't fit correctly & are leaking, thus effecting the braking performance on the car as there is little to no vacuum assist on the brakes. I'm going to get some new vacuum hose, what is the standard size this system uses?

Thirdly, The drivers side drive shaft needs replacing. Under hard acceleration, the vehicle will shake pretty badly. I have been told from a reliable Peugeot guru that this is the cause. If anyone has one of these for available to buy that would be great!


Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!