Tyre place recommendation Melbourne.
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    Default Tyre place recommendation Melbourne.

    Good morning All,
    For past 3-4 months my 307 has been doing my head in - I've been to 6 tyre places and I get a very slight wheel shake at 100-110kph, for me it is a big deal but to them it's considered normal which I found hard to believe. I have 225/45 17" tyres. TWO tyre places said all of my rims were buckled which was absolutely bullshit, he tried to sell me some crappy 306 16" rims, I wanted my 17" and I refuse to believe that they were buckled. The 6th one in Dandenong said the rims are not designed for 307 which I still refused to believe. Yesterday I had 2 flat tyres and I limped to nearest I could find to get it fixed. They were;
    TyreSmart Australia - 26 Gilby Road, Mount Waverley.

    After I got the tyres fixed - they balanced all 4 tyres which I asked them to as I told them I'm still getting the shakes... So I got back on the Monash after I got the tyres fitted, sped up to 110-115 and not even one shake or anything and I was rapt that they fixed/balanced the tyres properly. This morning I just went to Seymour for a job - not even one shake at all - mate I am happy with that so I rang them up to say thank you and would recommend them.


    So I strongly recommend TyreSmart in Mount Waverly for your car!!!! The place looks a bit um.. Nah.. But they're bang on with their balancing.

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    I recommend Tough Tyres & More in Ferntree Gully. Used them for over 5 years and at least 8 visits, probably more. Always been reliable. I initially selected them because they are open 7 days a week.

    Never used Tyresmart, shall bear them in mind as a backup.

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    There's a few great the places around the Mount Waverley / Notting Hill area. I live in Bendigo but my parents are in Mount Waverley. I always buy my tyres from Tyrepower Notting Hill, great service with dependable recommendations and good prices. You could save a dollar or two a tyre elsewhere but not get the service. I think it's Edgar Tyrepower?

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