Towbar/ Bike rack for 3008
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    Default Towbar/ Bike rack for 3008

    I have a bike rack with straps which cost me about $120 or so. However it is a pain to mount each time and feels very insecure. I also think the paint is getting damaged. Any comments advice welcome.

    Anyway I am thinking of getting a towbar installed. do these need professional installation? Is there any welding involved? What about wiring and interference with rear parking sensors? Any recommended installers?


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    If you do get a towbar installed ( may be exy - lot of European cars are set up so you are stuck with manufacturers one . Quote for partners Alfa was >2K. Not sure about new Peugeot ) Thule ( swedish crowd - available in Oz ) make good bike racks that are light and attach to the ball. Will take two bikes.

    You need to think of whether lights and plate still visible, but can get plug in boards with plate and indicators

    Gripsport in Melbourne make both racks and these boards ( ). They are made in Oz and are tough and well made but the racks are heavy ( better suited for Ute/4 WD towbar ) I have one for the DS and with weight of two bikes and the rack itself it has occasionally given grief ( will break lightweight towbar over time )

    Best Wishes


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