New boots for 205
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    Default New boots for 205

    Seeing I was crapped on at the last bitumen motorkhana I thought that I should invest in some new tyres (with grip)

    I was poking around with the durometer and found a few points of interest.

    See Pics:

    1 New Toyo R888R, 2 months old

    2 Old Toyo R888, 3 years old

    3 Transporter Bridgestone Turanza 300, 18 months old

    4 205 Bridgestone RE003, 12 months old

    5 407 P Zero Nero, 9.5 years old

    6 504 Michelin MX, A few decades old


    Just thought that it might interest a few (I know how on this site people like talking tyres New boots for 205-dsc04687.jpgNew boots for 205-dsc04679.jpgNew boots for 205-dsc04689.jpgNew boots for 205-dsc04694.jpgNew boots for 205-dsc04690.jpgNew boots for 205-dsc04693.jpgNew boots for 205-dsc04695.jpg
    Present fleet:-
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    Peugeot 73' 504 Ti from new
    Peugeot 08' 407 Hdi Coupe from new

    Previous fleet:-
    Peugeot 95' 605 Sv
    Peugeot 92' 205 Gti
    Renault 72' 16TS from new
    Renault 69' 10
    Renault 71' 10s
    Renault 68' 10 from new

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    Good because that fu#$wit magic had my car I have 4 now, not 5 as he managed to stuff one, Michelin pilots bought new not long before I was silly enough to trust that prick. Now I have a second 205 on they will go just need a spare! It has 5 of them.
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    poking around with the durometer
    The mind started to"run wild" until I opened the images.

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    Interested to hear your thoughts on the R888R. I was trying to track down a set for my other car recently, but unfortunately couldn't get the sizes in time (out of stock). Loved the R888s previously.
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