Hi, thought all fellow Pug people would be interested in this, I drove a 106 S16 on Saturday and wow what a nice car, the car is a left hand drive from Hong Kong, I think and the owner cannot register it here so is trying to find way to do a conversion to RHD. The car was on trade plates for the easter weekend so he could drive it about. The car has had extensive mods done to it, suspension, wheels/tyres, exhaust, intake, race seats and other aftermarket bits, the day i drove it the roads were wet and greasy so i did not push it too hard and the fact it was my first time in a LHD car made it a bit weird, only went for the door handle a couple of times!!, my uncle gave it a more go than i did and it stuck like the proverbial, even on the greay roads, unlike the 205 where if you are in the gear wrong coming out of a corner you can plant your foot and the torque keeps you going the 106 is very Japanese in it's power delivery, you have to keep the tacho swinging to keep it in the happy zone, as the car has only done 24,000km's it still feels very new and such the gearbox was a joy to use,snick, snick, it was great, i would like to drive one with higher mileage and see how it feels compared to this one, (just have to go to the UK to do so ) a massive thanks to the owners for letting us go for drive. It's a shame they never came to Australia... now if i had my choice and money I would definetly have one