Cleaning the 32 35 MIMSA carby
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    Default Hesitation/hiccup under light load

    Hi all


    The car has a bit of hesitation/hiccup under light load, but is great under load or hard acceleration getting to 140-150 kph easily
    I put some STP carb medic with the last fueling with no effect
    So I was thinking about dismantling the carby for a good cleanup as well as changing the fuel filter.
    The spark plugs are NGK iridiums installed in september 2010 along with an electronic dissy from a 505 (the car has done 28k kms since then, which is supposed to be nothing for iridium spark plugs )
    Any advice please ? as I am intending to do it myself not having it done by my mechanic.
    Should I change the spark plugs ? I have a set of Denso iridium power ready
    Help and advice would me much appreciated
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