i just brought a cd player from super cheep auto for $59 bucks, thats cheep, i figured replacing the tape player would be good for a while and how bad could it be.

took an hour or two with a soldering iron to wire it up, and works fine, only 2 chanel so i had to solder a few wires together for the 6 speakers to work but thats fine i only dont have a front and rear ballance which is a pain.

things you dont get for 60 bucks

auto tune and pre set stations, oh well, i only leave it on one station.


fast forward and rewind, lineout/in, rca for amp, no cd stacker control,

but seems to play everything, burnt cd, has a few buttons to change trebble, ballance, bass, loud, all the repeat and intro scan's etc.. face plate comes off, even has a clock. fits ok in the hole too..

imo its a good buy for 59 bucks (rrp 140)..