Mi16 Starting Issues
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    Default Mi16 Starting Issues

    ok...it seems like there are a few people out there with 405 starting problems, so i thought I would add mine to the list


    After not driving my car for 1-2 days ,it wont start (ie like the battery is flat)

    the battery has been charged, and holds the charge well

    the battery is being charged when the car is running

    even with jumper leads from my work vehicle (ford transpig), it still struggles

    I have checked out the battery terminals and leads and they look ok

    I might replace the battery as a precaution, but i get the feeling something else is going on here
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    Have you checked this out?

    2 Hours to cnage a starter; 2 minutes to replace a wire...your pick!!

    Failing that, it could be in the actual starter motor, possibly brushes, but this problem I have linked to gives those exact symptoms & is a common one overseas where they do a lot of stop/start driving and is very hard to detect unless you put a meter on the offending wire.

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    Get a can of that "Start ya' bastard" stuff & spray it on the engine.

    my dad uses it on lawnmowers.

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    I would suspect the starter motor. The 405GR I had until recently gave the same symptoms, and it turned out the starter was knackered. The same happened to my sister's 205 (twice), my old 505 and even the 203 (and they are the best ever Peugeot).
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    you may even have a dead cell in the battery

    just get it checked oe check it yourself first before forking out the best part of $100 for a newy
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