205 gti s1 & s2 vs s3
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    Default 205 gti s1 & s2 vs s3

    i am thinking of purchasing a little 205 gti as my next car, but i am wondering which series would be the best. I have herd that series 1 & 2 has around 75 kws of power and still goes like the clackers, but the s3 has an extra 15 kws of power and an extra 10 Nm of torque. can u really tell the difference? Some say that the s1 & s2 are quick due to the close ratio gears. What do you think should I get a series 1 or 2 or 3?


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    There is another thread just a few down from this one on this exact topic! See:

    Newbie, with some 205 GTi series questions

    Aside from that there is loads of info on this topic the forum. Just do a quick search. If you want my opinion though, go series 2. Then again, I could be biased.

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