203/403 interior plastic revival
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Thread: 203/403 interior plastic revival

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    Default 203/403 interior plastic revival

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting a gloss back on interior plastic bits on 203/403 that are dulled/oxidised/not cracked but surface is rough.I was thinking of trying brasso?


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    For large sections of black interior, I used to buy a vinyl colour change spray can...
    It smells pretty toxic, so I would recommend not being as casual as if you're using a spray can of paint.

    Can't vouch for the colour being the same if you use another colour apart from black. It looks like new afterwards though.

    But try "Armour All" first....it's a type of wax.

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    Welcome to the world of French casine plastic. Being based on milk you will notice its enduring smell. The main source of decay in this material is sunlight. The stages range through surface flattening, discolouration from gray to brown, surface cracking then final disintegration. If you catch it at the first stages some refurbishment is possible by abrasive polishing.

    The first step is to try a mild abrasive - Brasso is good. If you make no immediate progress go coarser and work down. You may have to go down to 800 wet and dry abrasive paper but start with 1200. Addition of soap to the paper will reduce the cutting power if necessary. Follow with a coarse cutting compound (such as Kitten) and finish with Brasso. A final coat of a good automotive wax will give some degree of protection for the future. You could use ArmourAll but wax is more durable.

    Finally, don't be tempted to use a powered felt or cloth mop to polish the plastic - it will just dig into what is a fairly weak and degraded surface - ask me how I know!
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    Armour All - really?
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    CRC 226 and a soft cloth works well for removing oxidization. I've used it to restore plastic bumpers and such.
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