I have posted this earlier to Technical & Performance section but now also here.

I have a patina 1960 403 which I have started to improve. Door panels and seat upholstery are renovated, there will be 505 turbo front seats and 205 wooden steering wheel.

I already have GILs valve cover for a two throat carb and also steel exhaust manifold, tubing 4-2-1.
I also have a C3 gearbox, 5,5x15 inch rims, front tires 185/65-15 and the rear one 205/70-15.
Front shock absorbers have been totally renovated but the rear ones need to be upgraded.

My goal in tuning the engine is to create the sound world of the 60s and the 70s rally cars, and if the power of the engine improves, even better.

As I know that You people in Australia have made a lot work in tuning, testing and racing with 203s and 403s Id like to hear of your ideas what to do, what is necessary and also some dont dos.