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    Default 308 Allure

    Am considering upgrading (at last says "you know who") from the 405 which has been a faithful servant since late 1998. Would appreciate any comments / advice from any Froggers who have knowledge / experience, both for and against the 308 Allure, both petrol and diesel.


    Many thanks in advance

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    Diesel Touring (wagon) is a wonderful load lugger, and very relaxed, economical long distance tourer. I've done Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney in a day and only stopped for fuel once. Removable 2nd and 3rd row seats are convenient, and free up heaps of space when required. Interior noise is virtually non-existent when on the motorway.

    Servicing is easy and cheap - cam belt on HDi isn't due until 180K. We fit ceramic brake pads to the front at the last service so even the front wheels stay clean now !

    We've done 160K in ours in 6 years now and the only real issue we've found is that tyre pressures need to be kept up to minimise tyre wear.


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    308 Allure hatch purchased new in 2015 is a great little car - very comfortable with good vision and the 2 ltr diesel gives it plenty of go. Road feel is excellent and did I say comfortable .

    That said it has some niggles such as poor navigation system (very few settings and terrible 'English' accents where pronunciation and clipping of full phrases make directions and street names unrecognisable). After complaining Peugeot advise there is no fix other than turning of the street names but then you only get road numbers which it a challenge for normal human road sign interaction .

    I still have a faulty windscreen wiper system in which the wipers jump/stutter across windscreen which has the opposite effect of cleaning it. A new set of wipers (including the actuator mechanism) and multiple adjustments have still not fixed it. During services when I use a loan car the wipers are perfect so I am not happy. It seems I may have a dodgy windscreen which is the cause the problem but Peugeot don't want to try replacing it so I suffer driving it on wet days .

    The level of service from the Peugeot maintenance has also been inconsistent and sometimes downright rude. They have no idea about generating loyalty by understanding/listening to the customer and providing REAL service. Denial of problems and condescending remarks due to customer dissatisfaction don't wash in today's competitive consumer market .
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    Quote Originally Posted by spud405 View Post
    Am considering upgrading (at last says "you know who") from the 405 which has been a faithful servant since late 1998. Would appreciate any comments / advice from any Froggers who have knowledge / experience, both for and against the 308 Allure, both petrol and diesel.

    Many thanks in advance
    I purchased a 2009 touring with the 2l hid in 2011. Daughters car so does the 2 kids plus 2 dogs and extras for outings with kids friends. Used in town on the school run with occasional holiday run up the coast or down to Sydney. Has been ultra reliable, uses round 7l per 100 round town. 6 speed Aisin has been trouble free. Kids like the big glass roof open a at night to see the stars or open in the rain to watch the water runs!
    Car is serviced by Newcastle's only Pug dealer and run on BP Ultimate. Car has 110k and continues to be great. Tyre wear is ok but needs rotation every 5k. I joined the new tyres on the front "discussion" and expressly told my daughter to get the new tyres on the front when two were being fitted. The tyre place bullied her and put them on the back. I had a word to the tyre place manager and he has lost a customer. With 5 cars in the family another dealer will do well.

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    The 308 allure refers to the T9 308 (2014 or newer). So advice from T8's is not comparable as they are no longer the same car (engines, body, electrical architecture etc.)

    My pick would be the eb2 3cyl turbo in auto, it is an fantastic motor. Stay far away from the 1.6 ep6 petrol motor. I would hold off buying until later in the year if possible as the smeg+ head unit will probably get apple car play if you are an apple phone user. Be careful if you are buying a 2014 plate, there are alot of hail repaired new stock from Qld floating around the country.
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    We've got the Active 1.2 triple 6A
    What a great car - performs like a perky diesel in every respect and love the small low steering wheel and HUD instruments
    Fabulous economy- consistent 1000kms from a fill too
    Love it

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