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    Default 308 Allure

    Am considering upgrading (at last says "you know who") from the 405 which has been a faithful servant since late 1998. Would appreciate any comments / advice from any Froggers who have knowledge / experience, both for and against the 308 Allure, both petrol and diesel.


    Many thanks in advance

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    Diesel Touring (wagon) is a wonderful load lugger, and very relaxed, economical long distance tourer. I've done Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney in a day and only stopped for fuel once. Removable 2nd and 3rd row seats are convenient, and free up heaps of space when required. Interior noise is virtually non-existent when on the motorway.

    Servicing is easy and cheap - cam belt on HDi isn't due until 180K. We fit ceramic brake pads to the front at the last service so even the front wheels stay clean now !

    We've done 160K in ours in 6 years now and the only real issue we've found is that tyre pressures need to be kept up to minimise tyre wear.


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