406 D8 SV instrument cluster - some dials not working
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Thread: 406 D8 SV instrument cluster - some dials not working

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    Default 406 D8 SV instrument cluster - some dials not working

    A problem has occurred to the 406 D8 SV instrument cluster. It happened after the car was idle for 2 weeks, sitting in Sydney sun and rain. Was intermittent at first, now full-time.

    The dash warning lights and illumination all work. With the ignition on, engine going or driving, the two big dials, tacho and speedo, are dead. The LH small dial, oil level, and the middle small dial, fuel level, needles go all the way to the right – and stay there.

    The only working small dial is the water temp on the RHS.


    I googled it a bit and searched here, the only real thing to show up is “bitron”, but I figured that it would either work, or not work, and would affect all dials equally.

    Only conclusion is that sustained heat and humidity had affected whatever is causing this. All thoughts / suggestions appreciated, as I have nfi, and am hopeless at electrics – could not even wire a 3-pin plug.

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    As the gauges deflect, I am surmising an oxidised ground connection, possibly under the carpet.

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    D8 406s in particular are notorious for getting dry joints in the board behind the instrument cluster. Re-touching each joint with a soldering iron and some fresh solder usually sorts them out.
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    Had success with this approach on a D8. The instrument panel is all run from the same microprocessor. I re soldered all the pads on the pcb. Everything came back. Be aware its surface mount components. If you don't have the tools, or skill, get somebody else to do it. Should charge you at the most for a half hour. If can't get somebody, send me a PM.


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