207 Electric Power Steering failure
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    Default 207 Electric Power Steering failure


    My wife's 207 with about 60K on the clock suffered a basically instantaneous electric power steering failure, signalled by a centre console "bip" and message. Steering immediately became very heavy. It was just very fortunate that I was stopped at the lights, and not negotiating a steep downhill bend on a mountain road.....


    Not an equipment failure that one wants or even should expect on any car. Apparently the fault is a "known issue" (a nice way to put it) ... neither were there any replacement power steering units in Australia. Had to wait two weeks as it was flown out, and then required a reprogram of the computer as well (presumably to tell the computer that now it had a good one ..)

    A bit of a nasty taste remains. Just wondering whether I write the letter to Peugeot Australia or else save myself the effort.

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    Do you know who made it? Nexteer, formerly Delphi, formerly GM? PSA just puts the bits together. Sime Darby imported the replacement, so they know about it.

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    Unfortunate, but early failure of motors/ electronics is a fact of mass production.

    And it is out of the manufacturers control because it made by a third party.

    I'd concentrate my efforts getting it replaced free of charge and in a reasonable time.

    Two weeks wait for parts warrants a loan car in my opinion and frankly isn't good enough. Considering DHL deliver door to door nearly everywhere in a couple days.

    But you are dealing with a multinational and not a person, so care factor is reduced by factor of ten thousand.

    Write a letter, but don't expect a sincere reply or anything to change. It's just the "system".

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