Peugeot 206 seat tilt/recline problem
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    Default Peugeot 206 seat tilt/recline problem

    Hi all,

    New to the forum so hello to all for the first time, very glad I found it!

    The passenger seat in my old 206 jammed in the forward tilt position. It can be lifted by a few inches but hits a very hard stop which it feels like even a lot of force won't help without breaking something. I've taken it out of the car to see if i can find what's jamming it but no luck so far, it all looks fairly complicated.


    It seems there are a lot of problems with seats in these cars, maybe someone out there has had the same issue?

    FYI I don't have the seat where I am now (I've had to store it elsewhere temporarily) so i can't immediately try any offered ideas but can do in the next day or two, in any case it may involve reinstalling the seat first as its awkward messing about with the levers etc with the seat unattached, especially if any real force might be involved.

    Any ideas would be most welcome.


    Rob (London, UK)

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    I had exactly this problem once with my 206GTi. Took the seat out and tried to disassemble as I was convinced something as out of place. Couldn't get it apart, but I did manage to fix it on the floor of the garage.

    I took off one of the levers to operate the tilt/recline mechanism and replaced with a sturdy adjustable spanner, tight on the square ended operating rod. I then applied a lot of force rapidly backwards and forwards on the spanner, while at the same time jerking the seat back forwards and backwards as I kept my foot firmly planted on the seat base. After some time (15 seconds or so?) it came loose and moved to the upright position again and has been fine ever since.

    Good luck

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